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I'm Aexhell. I am a web developer focused on the front-end area, using Nuxt as my core technology. I started coding in 2014 on GML (GameMaker Language), creating simple games. On 2018, I moved to web development, starting with HTML/CSS/JS technologies. On 2021, I started using Vue, later moving to Nuxt.

I work full-time as a junior front-end, but I still accept requests that meet the following requirements:

Project type/size.

For starters, I'm neither a software engineer nor a full-stack developer, nor am I interested in becoming one of both. I work on the front-end, so your request should not involve me setting up systems beyond the website itself. The project can't take up most of my time, so I suggest discretion before suggesting projects that are not only complex, but also ambitious and large.

Tech stack.

I use the following technologies for developing:

  • Nuxt. I use Nuxt for most of my projects, specifically web. I will accept depending on the project's size.
  • React. Even though I do not typically use React, I am familiar with its syntax (JSX). I've used more React Native than React Web though.
  • Flutter. I recently picked up Flutter for mobile development. I am not very good at it at the moment.
  • Three. This portfolio uses Three, but alas, I know Three as much as I know Flutter. That means my knowledge on it is scarce.
  • Tailwind.
  • UnoCSS.
  • Figma. I use Figma for creating my logotypes and interfaces. If you need me to design a website, I will use this tool.


I accept PayPal & PaySafeCard as payments, the latter being my preferred one (privacy reasons). If you know a payment platform that keeps privacy in payments between users let me know in your request.


You can contact me through the following social medias, choose whatever suits you best:


Website made with Nuxt 3, UnoCSS and Three. 3D logotype model by VstPlugin.

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